Monday, May 26, 2014

Upping the Mileage

I had all the intentions of riding the 35 mile Frisco Highline Trail on Saturday, but it stormed like mad that morning and on Friday afternoon, turning the 25 unpaved middle miles into pudding. I'm hoping to maybe make the effort this coming weekend, instead.

4.67 miles to school and back. With only two more weeks of preschool left, she REALLY wanted to bike to school one more time.

Between the bike ride out to the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield area in my last post, towing my five-year-old daughter to school one morning, bike commuting to work a few dry weather days and a very long ride out towards Rogersville from my house yesterday before church, I managed to knock out well over 50 miles of riding this week. The Battlefield ride was over 18.5 miles and yesterday's was in the neighborhood of 25. I think the the route to the kiddo's school and back was just over 4.5 miles (can I tack on more mileage for towing a 42lb kid and a 25lb extension behind me up and over neighborhood hills?) The few times to work were about 2.5 miles round trip. So, there's the rough math of it. I'm happy to be adding on to my miles per week. I have until September to be comfortable riding three times what I did yesterday in a single day.

18.63 miles this evening with John Sims. We road from his house to Wilson's Creek Battlefield to ZZ to Republic Rd. then hit the south Creek Greenway to Golden and back to his house. With the 2.4 miles to work and back, I rode a total of 21 miles today. S

The ride out FR 186 is really pretty. We left my house, followed the Galloway Greenway to the old iron bridge, crossed over, went up the ridiculously long hill (that doesn't hurt quite like it did a few weeks ago) and took a left when we hit 186. Then it was a straight shot up and over hills until we hit our time limit for halfway (right around the intersection of FR186 and Hwy125), then we turned around and rode the route in reverse. It was a beautiful morning out. Lots of riders out doing the same thing we were.

25 miles before church this morning. :)

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