Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend

As far as I can tell, I'm recovering really well from my surgery a couple of weeks ago. I still have glue on the sutures and have to be cleared from my surgeon on the 4th of June to do anything really adventurous outdoors, but I did manage to knock out a 2x6 garden box over the weekend and take in a bike ride around the neighborhood with the kiddo in tow, as well as BBQ, make enchiladas, chili and cornbread and drink a couple pitchers of margaritas with friends and family.

gardening with dad

My daughter, at four and a half years old, is really coming into a fun and interactive age for doing things outside. She helped me dig out some compost, fill the garden with it, soil, vermiculite and peat moss, plant the heirloom tomato and pepper plants we hope to grow and then she watered them. She also helped catch, slightly mangle and release a couple handfuls of earthworms and pill bugs.

We had a blast. She's promised to help me water the plants each morning before work and school.

digging in the dirt

a handful of earthworms

Also, we finally got around to buying a tandem bicycle trailer. Unlike the two wheeled cart version we picked up on Craigslist last year, this one gives Gwen a little more sense of balance and involvement. She gets to peddle along with me and feel what it's like to lean into a turn. The smile from ear to ear tells it all. I think it's going to open up a lot of outside fun for our family this spring, summer and fall. Especially since we live maybe ten minutes ride from the Galloway Creek Greenway and fifteen minutes from the South Creek Greenway.

trying out the new tandem extension bike trailer

trying out the new tandem extension bike trailer

The old cart trailer, with its weathered canvas and webbing, needs an overhaul. I'm planning to strip it down and build a crate box on it for heading to the Farmer's Markets on the weekends.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life on "pause"

I won't be posting much of interest for a while, I had an appendectomy and a mechel's diverticulum removed on Monday. Nothing like emergency surgery to kill your short term camping, kayaking and sailing plans. 

All I've got for the meantime is daydreaming.