Friday, August 26, 2011

Proa sketch

The first sketch I've done in a while. Drawn from a pic of a proa outrigger sailing canoe that I nicked off the net somewhere. Can't remember offhand. Likely Flickr.

Not my best work, but I'm a little rusty.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dinghy Cruising Association 2.0

Some of my artwork that made it's way into the DCA quarterly this summer.

Some of my artwork that made it's way into the DCA quarterly this summer.

I need to submit more, but I've had little to no free time this summer to draw anything (or do much else, really). I also have a few I need to do for some friends of mine in Oklahoma. Hopefully I see light at the end of the tunnel and will be back at it soon.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The New Ride/Outrigger Canoe Update

2003 Subaru Outback

I bought a 2003 Subaru Outback on Saturday. Once again, I have transportation of my own. With that huge roof and rack, plus plenty of space inside, it should be a good car for camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, etc. Basically all of the outdoor activities I like to do and hauling a small family around from point A to point B and back.

painting the boat

Also, I've nearly got the main hull, iakos (cross beams), steering oar and leeboard of the outrigger painted. I'm buying epoxy and glass for the foam ama in the next few days, so I'll be scrapping the solid wood idea. One other decent thing about the vehicle having been totaled, I have a little money leftover to finish this thing out.

I decided to go with the same white/almond color combo as the last boat, my pram dinghy. The paint was pretty cheap and I like the way the almond color cuts glare. You can see my crap job of glassing the canoe hull through the paint, but I really don't care.

Monday, August 15, 2011

On the upside.

a palmier cookie and tutu, elle's patisserie

On the positive side of things. My kiddo is 100% healthy. After taking her to the pediatrician, she checks out just fine. Five-point harness child seats are super awesome in an accident.

Got the money to buy a new vehicle from the insurance company. Looking for one that I don't have to take on a payment for is a bitch, though. The CRV may not have been ultra masculine to drive, but the thing was paid for and it had fairly low miles on it.

Thinking minivan right now, also small SUV or wagon. Need something with room for camping gear and a roof rack to chuck a canoe, kayak and/or sailboat on top. Got to have priorities...

Fingers crossed.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My week, insult to injury...

Honda Vs Honda

I was in an accident yesterday evening. Sitting at an intersection and was hit from behind by the minivan in the bottom of the image, here. The gal that hit me felt pretty bad. She's a very nice middle age woman and her insurance should be taking care of things. She'd dropped something and by the time she looked up, it was too late. I'm not mad, things happen.

My only true concern is my daughter, really. We are likely going to have her checked out on Monday. I'm a little sore and stiff, but I saw her coming in my rear view and had time to tense up. My daughter, so far, hasn't exhibited any issues. You poke around on her neck and back where I am sore and she just flinches and giggles like usual. But, we need to have her looked at just in case there's something we're missing. Thank God for decent child car seats.

You know your week sucks when you get in an accident that potentially totals your vehicle and it's not the worse thing that's happened to you all week.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Things are hard sometimes.

P30t_02_03 - Keely is sleepy

I had to say goodbye to a damn good friend, yesterday. Keely had been by my side for nearly 14 years. Through ups and downs, good and bad, she was was the biggest constant in my life.

We hiked hundreds of trail miles, floated nearly every river within a few hours drive from here. She and I lived in 9-10 different houses and she got to ride in the back of two pickup trucks and four cars of mine. She slept mostly in bed or on the couch, only on the floor in her old age (when it got harder to get up an down so much). There were plenty of handouts from the table and bowls of ice cream shared (she got the second half). Not too bad a life, really. All the amenities of a house dog, with all the fun of an outside dog.

Pets are like practice kids. I credit Keely with helping me pull my head from my ass far enough to become a decent father and husband. If it weren't for her, I'd not have come this far in maturity or empathy for others. I thank God for the chance to have known her. She's gonna be a sorely missed part of our family. She was a good girl.

For more pics, go HERE.