Monday, April 30, 2012

Wa'apa Update

The Wa'apa outrigger canoe is finally rigged and ready to hit the water. I need to get it registered in the next week or two and then its off to the lake. (I do realize the tarp sail isn't the best, but I slapped it together in an evening and it cost me $20. It'll have to do until I can afford a "real" pro-made sail.)




Friday, April 27, 2012

The Greenland Paddle

The Greenland style kayak paddle is nearly finished. It's been shaped and given a good sanding with 80 grit paper. I'll likely sand it with a higher number, again, over the weekend. Then epoxy coat the tips before giving it a coating of boiled linseed oil or some other oil type wood preservative. I also plan to add a drip ring of either bicycle inner tube or line tied in a turk's head knot. the greenland kayak paddle is nearly done

the greenland kayak paddle is nearly done

Friday, April 13, 2012

This Week's Chuckanut 12 Kayak Update

Last night I completed the lashing of my kayak frame and we've nearly got Brian's ironed out, as well. Next week should see more work on the paddles and possibly some wooden seat backs to match the floorboards. Then, it's time to varnish!

Also, on Tuesday, I couldn't resist dragging the frame out onto the driveway for a test fitting. I couldn't be more excited about how this project is going.

my completed frame

my frame in the foreground is completed



Friday, April 6, 2012

This Week's Kayak Update

We sliced up the floorboards last night from the leftover 16' 2x12 stock we had. We also cut out our rubrails for later, picking the best four slices to be seen on the outside of the boats.

We then lashed in the floorboard supports and cut out blanks for our greenland style paddles. If they prove too wet paddling, we'll just make standard kayak paddles later or maybe add a turks head ring to the base of the blades to help shed any drips.

Also, not pictured, I managed to lash in one floorboard before calling it a night.

the floorboard supports are lashed in

the floorboard supports are lashed in

the greenland paddle blanks are cut out

the greenland paddle blanks are cut out

Monday, April 2, 2012



Saturday, while mowing my backyard, I ran over a couple of mushrooms. I didn't recognize them until too late and I ended up splattering two highly sought after edible fungus across my yard. After doing so, I thought about where they were located and if possibly my neighbor had any growing in his uncut yard, then I went next door and asked permission to hop the fence and see.

This is what I found. 25-30 morel mushrooms. I've been told that they were worth about $40, if I'd have sold them. But, having a coworker that hunts them every spring, I brought them by his house Saturday evening. He had never seen so many at once and thought it was pretty cool.

Paddling James River/Springfield Lake

I took the wife and kid down to the Hwy 65 access on the James River and Springfield Lake, yesterday.

Photo Apr 01, 12 58 16 PM_s

Photo Apr 01, 12 59 01 PM_s

We paddled a couple of hours down to the boathouse area and back. It was the first time for either of them to ride in one of my homebuilt boats and Gwen's first time in a boat this small.

Photo Apr 01, 12 58 35 PM_s

Photo Apr 01, 1 18 50 PM_s

Photo Apr 01, 12 58 57 PM_s

The kiddo did great, alternating between her SpongeBob fishing pole and our second paddle that I tethered to the hull for easy recovery.

Photo Apr 01, 1 46 25 PM_s

Photo Apr 01, 1 46 57 PM_s