Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kidyak Kayak Update: 11-12-2014

She's all decked out. Now for a good ironing and some paint.

kidyak kayak progress

kidyak kayak progress

kidyak kayak progress

kidyak kayak progress kidyak kayak progress kidyak kayak progress

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kidyak Kayak Update: 11-11-2014

I managed to wrestle the skin onto the bottom last night. Planning to pick up some line for the handles and maybe head home to drill the holes for them at lunch today. If not then, possibly this evening. Then it will be on to the deck canvas.

The bottom canvas is stapled  on.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Carl Schlieper German Eye 3-blade pocket knife

Made in Solingen, Germany, likely in the 1970s, this little gem of a knife was given to me by my friend Ryan B. yesterday while we visited he and his great little family in St. Louis. It needs cleaning and shows some mild wear, but otherwise, it's a cool little 3-1/4 inch pocket knife. The perfect size for a daily-carry blade set. I'll have it buffed up and sharpened in a day or two.

Carl Schlieper German Eye 3-blade pocket knife.

Any man worth his salt should carry a pocket knife.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Whispy Hillbilly Nostalgia

When I moved to the SW Missouri Ozarks 20 years ago, I wondered what the crap I'd gotten myself into in returning to the state of my birth from SW Florida. But, over time, I developed a taste for some of the more stereotypical aspects of Ozarks culture and practice and I couldn't be more at home. Things that have nearly been forgotten due to TV and the Internet, but the rest of the country still thinks are frequently afoot in daily life. For instance, I love Bluegrass music and Classic Country (pre-1970s, mostly). I love Ozarks folk art, crafts and history. I love funny small town and hill folk accents. I love floating rivers, fishing, hiking and just about anything else outdoors. I also like smoking tobacco on occasion from a corncob pipe. Especially when camping or hiking. There's nothing more relaxing than a campfire's glow and a pipe on a cool fall or winter evening.

Which brings me to this little bit of corny hillbilly awesomeness, my new Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman Strait with "Rusticob" treatment. It's basically the same pipe that Aristocob has been selling for a while, only rusticated by adding some stain or paint to it. It's REALLY pretty, in my opinion. I normally smoke the same pipe in a bent standard form. This new one will easily fit itself into the rotation.

My new Rusticob Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman strait corncob pipe.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Kidyak Kayak Update: 10-31-2014

The frame is complete, I'm currently soaking the strips of wood I'm to fashion the cockpit coaming from. I've got some wooden blocks screwed to an old door to use as a bending mold and I plan to take a heat gun to the battens as soon as I get the time. My mom is in town for the next couple of days, so it may not be till Monday or so. Once that is bent in shape, I may put a couple of coats of varnish on the whole frame to seal it up nicely. Then I'll start the skinning process. This little boat is going together quickly!

The Kidyak kayak frame is complete. On to the cockpit coaming.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Springfield Sunrise Coffee & Bicycle Club - Oct. 29, 2014

We did things a little differently today. With sunrise at 7:35, the latest of the year so far, we decided to meet long before it at a local coffee shop - Kingdom Coffee & Cycles. As the cold sets in more throughout the fall and winter, we may do this type of ride more often.

Morning ride to Kingdom Coffee & Cycles with the Springfield Sunrise Coffee & Bicycle Club.

Morning ride to Kingdom Coffee & Cycles with the Springfield Sunrise Coffee & Bicycle Club.