Monday, October 24, 2011

C12 templates and such

Making the templates out of thin underlayment. We'll trace these on to our framing plywood, later.

I'm making templates for the skin-on-frame kayaks we are going to build this winter. They are sketched out onto the thin underlaymant and I'm cutting them out to trace onto our framing plywood later. Hopefully speeding up the process of building two kayaks at the same time. This way we only have to measure it all out but once. I've been sketching everything out after my daughter went to bed, pretty much every night for the past week or so. The cuts I have done here, I made on my lunch hour today.

Making the templates out of thin underlayment. We'll trace these on to our framing plywood, later.

Also, I ordered artificial sinew from Kudzu Craft on Friday, today is Monday and I got it in the mail just before my lunch hour. That's fast service!!!

What we'll be using to hold the kayaks together. No glue or screws, if possible. Just artificial sinew.

The pad eyes came from Bass Pro Shops. We took the kiddo up to see the fish and turtles on Sunday morning and I found these down by the pacu tank and canoe/kayak stuff. I need to pick up two more boxes for the second boat, though. They will be for the shock/bungee cord deck rigging.

Nylon pad eyes for the deck rigging.

Also, much thanks to Dave Gentry for the Chuckanut 12 plans.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Starting the Chuckanut 12 skin-on-frame kayak

Started lofting the frames for the skin-on-frame kayak project.

The beginning of the Dave Gentry Chuckanut 12 skin-on-frame kayak build. My friend Brian and I, see Meramec River post (and a handful of others), are going to build two of these, side-by-side, this winter.

I only have one frame template sketch started, but all should fit on a half sheet of ply, including stems. I haven't put the concave curve between the gunwale/chine/keel stations yet. This is about what I could get done in-between travel time to my house and back, on my lunch hour, today.

This should be a cool project. I've not built a skin-on-frame boat before, nor have I had anyone to talk to whilst puttering away in the garage.

Started lofting the frames for the skin-on-frame kayak project.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kayak fishing the Meramec River

Friday evening I picked up my buddy Brian D. about 7 pm and we headed a few hours northeast to meet another friend of ours, Ryan B., for some camping, kayaking and fishing on the Meramec River. We camped at Onondaga Cave State Park, which is fairly nice. Well, much nicer than our usual primitive camping that we do. We mostly avoid state parks and campgrounds for less crowded outdoor arrangements.

We got to the somewhat populous campground about 9:30-10 pm. After being momentarily detained outside the park gate by an obviously bored park official, speeding ticket waved (luckily), we met up with Ryan and started to relax fireside. Dinner consisted of hotdogs and Mother's "Three Blind Mice" Ale, followed by a dessert of pipe smoke.


Saturday morning, 9-9:30 am, we headed over to the outfitters to catch the shuttle to the put-in point. The kayaks we rented were really only good for bouncing off things. They were heavy, wonky-designed, bits of plastic with paddles that seemed a foot too short. They tracked weird and lost momentum easily. But, even a day on a crappy sit-on-top kayak, beats a day in an office, so we still had a blast. We floated 9.5 miles, from The Bluffs to Ozark Outdoors Campground. Roughly eight hours on the water.

Left to right, Brian, myself and Ryan.

Ryan, paddling

Brian, wandering through some downed trees. There were a lot from last year's rainy spring.

Brian scores the first fish of the day, a long-eared sun perch. We caught between 15-25 fish a piece, but only a handful were of keeping size.

Another perch that I caught.

Ryan and a small small mouth bass.



A small mouth bass that I caught.

Another small mouth.

What the river looks like underwater.

Brian and a Kentucky spotted bass.


Kentucky spotted bass.


Brian and a goggle-eye bass.

Another small mouth bass.


I actually caught a shad minnow on a spinning lure. Weird.




River bottom

Ryan gets frisky with his catch.



Someone's river camp shack.

Lots of caves line the river.


Caveman TV

Pipe and an ale by the fireside. One of my favorite things in life.

Gigging john boat on the river. Two up front with multi-pronged spear tipped poles and one at the helm. They had banks of lights just below the gigs to light up the river bottom.

The Subaru did great as a camp vehicle. I slept in the back both nights. Not the most comfortable sleeping, a taller person would have trouble, but it was really quiet. I only woke for an owl and sunrise.

Monday, October 3, 2011

2nd time out

Sunday's paddle route on Springfield Lake
Since I probably won't see a day as pretty as yesterday until April or May, next year, I had to get the outrigger out for another paddle on Lake Springfield. I started at the same access as the last time, close to Highway 65, but went considerably further, since I had an entire afternoon to kill. I paddled around 4-4 1/2 miles, total. I can feel it today. But, that's not due to the canoe's capabilities, but more to my fairly sedentary family man lifestyle.

Paddling the outrigger on Springfield Lake, Sunday 10-3-2011

Paddling the outrigger on Springfield Lake, Sunday 10-3-2011
City Utilities power plant. The reason the lake exists. The James River is dammed (or damned) here to provide water for coolant. I didn't see any three-eyed fish, but I saw a woodpecker, a couple of herons and plenty of Canada geese. Lots of kayakers and canoeists on the water, as well. I talked to several about my boat and theirs.

Never did pick up the fishing pole. I was too busy messing with the boat to bother. This thing is so stable, it's like paddling a dock down the river.