Monday, February 27, 2017

This post will make me look like a redneck...

I'm really more of a semi-educated Liberal hillbilly. Anyway, here's some nature art and references to guns. It's the Ozarks, for crap sake (place 'Murica joke here).

Saturday found me with some free time in the morning. Wanting to sketch nature stuffs and temps hovering below freezing, I opted to draw nature within a cyclopean heated structure called Bass Pro Shop. Springfield is the home of the mega-outdoor-store and I have a love/hate relationship with the place. I won't go into detail, but I am happy that they will let you just saunter around the place with a sketchbook in your hand and draw dead stuff. Here are three that I did before 11am and the hordes of fashionable camo wearers showed up.

When you want to sketch nature, but it's below freezing, Bass Pro Shop.

When you want to sketch nature, but it's below freezing, Bass Pro Shop.

When you want to sketch nature, but it's below freezing, Bass Pro Shop.

I've also been dabbling in wood burning pyrography. Last weekend, I made a piece for my wife's aunt. I had promised her some kind of fox art back around Christmas and finally got to deliver. The second piece is a donation to a fellow I met a month or two ago at a MS Society event. He's wheelchair-bound with MS and was really wanting a piece of artwork to go above his fireplace. I took apart a box spring sometime back around Christmas and repurposed the wood into the elk, here.

Fox in scrap wood, wood burner and jigsaw

Pyrograph elk on reclaimed wood.

Pyrograph elk on reclaimed wood.

Sketching in my side yard during a warm spell last week.

Side yard sketch

Lastly, the guns! Err...gun. Just the one, but it's a new one. I sold my Masi CX bicycle and put a chunk of the money towards my kid's upcoming braces. The other chunk bought this Ruger LC9s 9mm handgun. The part of me that grew up in a highly conservative Republican household that I still firmly hold onto, is the part that loves to loudly punch holes in paper circles. After buying the pistol out of the back of a barbershop in a satellite town west of Springfield, I took it to another satellite town south of here and an indoor range to figure out how it shoots and get used to the semi auto action of it. I normally handle revolvers. Had a lot of fun, but indoor ranges are REALLY LOUD!!!

Ruger LC9s

Being new to the gun, I was all over on placement. Some hit the center mark, though. Shooting 5-7 yards. Typical selfdefense range.

Ruger LC9s

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Recent Artwork

We'll start with this Heritage 22 pistol, a commissioned piece I did for a coworker's son.

Heritage 22

Still life.

still life

A quick portrait of my daughter in pen and ink and gel pen. Portraiture is not my strong point.

portraits aren't my strong suit

A trunk in a mill an hour west of town.

An old trunk at a mill west of town.

Sketching at Lake Springfield Park, testing out the travel easel.

sketching at lake springfield park

sketching at lake springfield park

Lastly, my Sennelier Aquarelle travel set in watercolor.

My Sennelier watercolor set in watercolor.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

What Knot

Over a couple of lunch hours last week, I decided I'd sit down with some line and see how much tying I'd forgotten or not. Here's a visual list of lashings, hitches, bends and knots that I remembered (sort of), with no referencing my book collection on knots and ropecraft. Pressed for time, I did decide to leave out some of a more decorative nature.

Tying knots, bends, lashings and hitches by memory.

Tying knots, bends, lashings and hitches by memory.