Friday, March 15, 2013

A Child's Canoe Paddle

My daughter's 2/3 size canoe paddle is nearly finished. Shaped it today. Needs oiled and her name pyrographed and then it's complete.

I knocked out a kid-sized canoe paddle this week. I'd drawn the paddle out on the plank last Sunday evening. So, all it needed was a little time hanging out in the garage with my friends the jigsaw, hand plane, spokeshave, rasp, palm sander and pale ale.

kid's canoe paddle

I intend to pyrograph my daughter's name onto it and then Danish oil it before giving it to her. It'll likely see more action on her bedroom wall than in the canoe, but this spring and summer I plan to have her on the water more often with me. This hopefully should give her some ownership and pride in what we're doing. She seemed pretty excited about it last night.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Stop Motion

I messed around with the Vine app for iPhone yesterday and made a few stop motion videos. I was solo with the kiddo much of the day and since she was busy watching cartoons, I made a few myself. Ignore the sound on these.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Canoe Paddle Update Update

oiled and ready to hit the water

The completed canoe paddle next to my Greenland style kayak paddle. I coated each in Danish oil last night. Debating whether to take the kayak or canoe to the lake this weekend. I wanna test out the new canoe paddle, but I'm really missing the kayak. Decisions...

Edit: I took the canoe to the lake. In spite of the heavy winds before a cold front moved in, the paddle worked really well. In the deep water I was canoing, it performed much better than the store bought one sitting beside it in this pic.

Tried out the new canoe paddle on Saturday.

I may thin the blade a little more and oil it again after. But that's the only mods I plan to make to it. It was a great paddle to practice some new techniques I picked up from Bill Mason's "Path of the Paddle" videos.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Canoe Paddle Update

canoe paddle - shaped, needs a little sanding and then danish oil

Needs a little more sanding, but is mostly shaped. After sanding, a couple coats of Danish oil.

Monday, March 4, 2013

First Canoe Paddle

first canoe paddle in the making

My first attempt at making a canoe paddle. I've got a Greenland Kayak Paddle under my belt, but this'll be my first single bladed stick. I'm using a single poplar plank for this. It's meant to be a throw-away piece to cut my teeth on and make mistakes on. Loosely based on the Cree Indian design in the book. Once I get the handle shaped a little more, I'll sand it, oil it and take it to the lake to mess about.

first canoe paddle in the making

The next time around, I'll use better wood and I'll either make another single plank beavertail paddle or maybe a laminated one.