Monday, May 28, 2012

The Outrigger's 2nd Real Sail

I took my outrigger out for another sail on Saturday morning. The winds were a little higher than last weekend, blowing 10-15MPH. But it was gusty and broken at times, changing direction by as mush as 35-40 degrees.

Saturday's sail. Didn't go far, but got the boat up to 7.22mph by my iPhone GPS..

By my iPhone GPS, I got the boat up to 7.22 which was pretty nice. This coming Saturday, weather permitting, I'll see how the boat handles with a crew. I'm hoping to take my wife up to Stockton Lake for the day. She's only been paddling around the James River and Springfield Lake with me, never sailing. I imagine it will do just fine, but Stockton is a much larger lake than Fellows Lake, where I normally sail. I've sailed Stockton three times, two times on rental Catalinas and once in my old eight foot sailing dinghy. There's a lot more chop and wind on that lake, as well as sail traffic.

ipad sketch

Outrigger iPad Sketch

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Official Wa'apa Outrigger Sailing Canoe Splash Post

Finally got a good sail in.

I took Friday off of work to hang out with my cousin Tim that was coming into town. Unfortunately he got stuck in Florida, but I kept the day off to finally get a chance to splash my Wa'apa outrigger canoe under decent conditions.

With the weather being sunny skies, hovering in the mid 80s temp-wise and winds at 8-10 MPH, it was perfect to be out on the water. I got on the lake about noon and sailed until 4:30PM. Plenty of time to put the boat through its paces.

Finally a decent test sail!

The canoe sailed so much faster than I'm used to sailing in the old sailing dinghy. I literally covered five times the area of water that I normally do in the dinghy, in the same amount of time. It was great! I had the GPS on my iPhone on for half the day and got up to 6.19 MPH. I'm sure I went faster as I became more comfortable in the boat, later in the day. The wind had also picked up a bit by the time I decided to call it a day.

I saw plenty of fishermen on the lake, but only one other sailboat. A sunfish or minifish that got on the water about 3pm. it was piloted by a couple in their late teens or early twenties. At one point they had a pretty good capsize and I sailed past to ask if they needed a hand. After swimming their boat to shallow water, they got it righted and the sail untangled.

Last week, I broke the boom jaws at a point where a bolt passed through, so I had to hammer the rest of the jaws off and lash the boom temporarily. It worked just fine and may get left that way. The only thing I may change in the coming months is the possible addition of a stub mast sailing rig like in Mr. Dierking's book or like what's usually found on the Malibu Outriggers or changing it to a regular lateen altogether, sailing it upright like racing sunfish do. It wouldn't look much different, but I could drop the whole sailing rig instead of brailing it and then paddle the boat, if the weather got to be more than I could handle. Right now, it's really heavy, so pulling it out of the mast step and partner are out of the question, while underway. And there's also a lot of windage with the sail brailed. When being blown onto shore or other hazards, that could bite me in the rear, later.

The sailing oar was nice to keep the nose into the wind when I rounded up to blow ashore and disembark. It was also exceedingly handy for pushing the nose of the boat through a tack. I can't emphasize how easy it made it. You basically just row the stern around. Very nice and being in irons is a thing of the past.

(I have no idea why I look so concerned in that frame of the video. Kind of funny that Youtube chose that for the icon.)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Trial Run of Sorts.

I'm going to call this a trial run, since the 5-10 mile an hour winds completely died after I got the boat put together. On the upside, I got to leisurely ghost around and feel how the boat moves with the steering oar and with weight distribution. Plus, I got the boat stickered for Fellows Lake and met the new marina owners, Pam and Paul.

I plan to head back up to the lake next Friday for a better attempt at putting it through it's paces. I'll have a better account of how it sails if I do. I'm off work that day and weather permitting, I'll be out most of the day.

The canoe moves in the slightest of breezes, so I'm pretty excited about it's potential in better wind. Also, the steering oar was great in helping it move through a tack, you can turn the boat and scull very easily with it.

on the car, outside my office, waiting to hit the water.

Loaded up to hit the water after work.

where's the 10 mph wind forecasted?

All dressed up and nowhere to go. The wind just died on me.


Leeboard setup.

cheap 2x4 seat. it'll do for now.

barely moving, but considering that i couldn't even feel the wind, that's not bad.

cheap 2x4 seat. it'll do for now.

barely moving, but considering that i couldn't even feel the wind, that's not bad.

ghosting around

Just ghosting around.

sunset on fellows lake

Bobbing around on the water around sunset is always a plus.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

ENO Hammock

If you wanna make a three-year-old happy, all ya need is a hammock and two cars with roof rails. Trees might be better, if you have them to work with. Probably less worry of damaging something that way.

Playing in the hammock in the front yard

Playing in the hammock in the front yard

Playing in the hammock in the front yard

Playing in the hammock in the front yard

Fishing Crane Creek

Sunday, my friend Jeff H. and I went down to Crane, Missouri to fish for trout in Crane Creek. Considered a Blue Ribbon or wild trout stream, since it's not been stocked in a hundred years or so, regulations are tight. It's mostly catch and release, with only one trout over 18 inches per person, per day. The trout in the creek are McCloud River Redband Rainbow Trout.

We caught what look to be three creek chub and a goggle-eye bass, between us. I've never fished for freshwater trout, before. Just saltwater speckled trout and sugar trout in my old stomping grounds around Ft. Myers, Florida.

Anyway, here's some pics. And yes, that's a zebra, randomly grazing in someone's yard on the way to the creek.


Crane Creek

maybe a trout

random zebra in a yard on the way to the creek


Crane Creek


maybe a trout

maybe a trout

goggle-eye or rock bass