Friday, May 2, 2014

The Week's Cycling

Bike Ride 4-29-2014

Sunup on the South Creek Greenway footbridge. 14.36 miles this morning, from home to FF Highway and Battlefield Rd.

14.36 miles on the South Creek Greenway this morning, from my house to Battlefield Rd. and Hwy. FF and back again.

It was nice. I got up before sunup and hit the road/trail, in spite of really not wanting to be awake for another hour or so. Next time I need to eat something beforehand. My legs kinda bonked at the end.

Bike Ride 5-1-2014

new tires and tubes.

Got new tires and tubes yesterday. I also picked up a used rear wheel today after blowing out the rim on last night's ride, while coming down a very long and steep hill. It was much worse going up, though. Freak'n brutal climb. Anyway, did a little over 13 miles southeast of town.


I need to work up to longer rides next week. The MS150 is only a little over four months away.

UPDATE: Rode another 16 miles on Saturday, on the South Creek Greenway. Making my total mileage for the week a bit higher than the previous week, 43.8 miles over the earlier 40.

16 miles on the South Creek Greenway this morning. :)

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