Friday, May 16, 2014

Bike to Work Week

Bike commute

Today wraps up Bike to Work Week in Springfield. A week that, each year, always seems to rain more than not. I still managed to get in three days of riding to work. Had I been a little less wimpy, I might have gone all week. I just didn't feel like showing up to work soaked and getting ready in the 8th floor common restroom. Also, I've been commuting like this 2-3 days a week for about four weeks and my conscience is clean.

With a lull in the rain, Bike to Work Week continues. This morning is absolutely beautiful for riding, with temps in the mid to upper 40s and the sun shining brightly over town. You can head off down the road in those conditions and arrive relatively sweat-free. It's great! My cruiser bike even had friends to hang out with at the office bike rack this morning.

Bike to Work Week - my cruiser bike has friends at the office rack this morning.

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