Monday, January 30, 2017

Make Art, Not Walls

To be quite honest, I'm none too happy with our current political environment. The willfully ignorant are at the helm with a self-woven and hateful hood over their eyes and our flagship feels as though it's about to be dashed upon a rocky and barnacled reef of stupidity and racism.

I, personally, love cultural diversity. I don't fear people with darker skin than myself. I love the sound of foreign accents and languages (and if I were better off, I'd love to travel and meet them). I don't fear or dislike gay people or those of a different religious affiliation (I happen to be Episcopalian, if you're not, good for you.)

My daughter recently gave me a Mexican Talavera pottery coffee mug that she and my wife picked up at a local Mexican market and panaderia. I place we love to go to for the Mexican "real sugar" sodas, sweet breads and interaction with shy but friendly hispanic owner/operators. My small and heartfelt bit of protest this weekend came in the form of this watercolor sketch. It's the cup my daughter gave me last week and it's a beautiful piece of work in its own right, just like the people that made it.

A Mexican Talavera coffee mug my daughter recently gave me. Make art, not walls. Watercolor sketch

Walls don't just keep people out, they keep people in. When you put one up to keep people out, you only succeed in building a bigger prison.

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