Monday, January 16, 2017

Camp Galley / Chuck Box 2.0

Coffee table to camp kitchen/galley box.

Several years ago, I cobbled together a camp cookware box from remnants of our old coffee table (see above). It was heavy, not particularly weather resistant and finally started to crack after my last camping trip in November. So, over the weekend, I slapped this together. It's made from scraps around the garage, keeping with the spirit of the Mark I version. I even used cheap mistint grey paint from Lowes. The whole thing maybe cost $6 on its own.

Camp Galley Box / Chuck Box 2.0

I had a small piece of aluminum sheeting laying in the garage, so I cut it lengthwise and notched the pieces at both ends to mate together to form a heat shield for my alcohol camp stove. It breaks apart and fits inside the larger of two camp cook pots that I bring. The second, smaller one, houses the stove, matches and handle for the pots and fits inside the larger one, as well.

Camp Galley Box / Chuck Box 2.0

The finished box. Seen in the unpainted shot above, my new stainless steel tea kettle also nests on top of the cook pots.

Camp Galley Box / Chuck Box 2.0

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