Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Home Projects

For the past two months, all I've done in my spare time has been work on the house. Initially, we had a crew come and fix a bunch of water damage on two northern faces of the house. One of which, the worst one, was our bedroom. We slept in the living room for two and half weeks while it was torn apart and put back together. It's a lot nicer now, well insulated and actually has been staying warm so far this winter.

Finished up the pallet wood clock this evening, as well as all three Roman blinds.

After the construction crew left, my part began. I've been painting (about 18 hours worth, all over the house), putting a bed together and making custom art and design pieces for the room. Over the four-day weekend, I made three Roman blinds and a new wall clock shaped like the state of Missouri with the mechanism sitting about where Springfield finds itself on the map. My friend Joe T. gave me some pallets a week ago and I cut up the most interesting of them, ran it through my table saw and then edge glued the pieces together in a blank. I then made a stencil from an outline of the state I found online and printed tiled on two 11x17 pieces of paper. The Roman blinds I winged from a couple of online tutorials and some pics I used for reference.

Making a Missouri shaped clock from pallet wood.

Scratch-making some quasi-Roman window blinds.


callsign222 said...
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callsign222 said...

Dude, love the clock! Very chic.

Trevor said...

Thanks! Pretty easy project. I made a stencil by printing an outline tiles on two sheets of 11x17 paper, then edge cut all of my pallet pieces on a table saw. Glued up a blank, traced a flipped state outline on the back of the blank and then cut it out with a jigsaw. I then ran some extra scrap wood pieces across the back to reenforce the glued joints and lift the clock off the wall by 3/4 of an inch. I then drilled a hole big enough for the clock mechanism where Springfield sits and install the mechanism and a wire on the back to hang it. Thinking of selling them on Etsy for about $50-60, custom to order.