Monday, January 4, 2016

The First Sketches of the New Year

I've done a few random sketches since the New Year. With odd bits of time on my hands, having not been in work for a few days, I luckily managed to put a pen or pencil in my hand quite a bit. Some location sketching, but mostly just objects laying around my house. Starting with this megalodon tooth that used to be my stepfather's. I sketched it in pen and pencil.

pen, pencil, megalodon

Continuing with my obsession for drawing and painting old mills in the area, here is a sketch I did on location at Wommack Mill in Fair Grove, Missouri.

Sketching Wommack Grist Mill in Fair Grove, Missouri.

Wommack Mill, Fair Grove, Missouri

I also dug out the color pencils for a few home objects. I may do a bunch more of these, since I can knock them out relatively quick.

Leather-sleeved mason jar of coffee.

Mason jar coffee in color pencil.

Blue enamelware coffee mug.

Blue enamelware coffee mug in color pencil.

Morakniv camp knife.

MORAKNIV camp knife - color pencil

I like working in color pencil more then I remembered. It's been a couple decades since I've really messed with them much. Nice to be reacquainted with them.

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