Friday, January 29, 2016

Punch Up the Color.

This week, when I've had the time, I've been attempting to get away from using local color in my sketches. Local color being a direct interpretation of what I see. This week I abandoned it somewhat for more vibrant color use.

Here, a lobster I sketched from a pic I found online. It's in color pencil on textured paper.

Lobster in color pencil

I've been mildly fascinated and obsessed with folk traditions around Europe, but mostly the British Isles. Part of my mother's family came from Wales and Cornwall. This color pencil sketch is of the Mari Lwyd, a folk tradition in parts of Wales that happens around Christmas time. It involves poetry or song, a good amount of alcohol and the parading of a decorated horse skull on a stick.

Mari Lwyd, a Welsh Christmas folk custom, involving song or poetry, alcohol and a decorated horse skull on a stick.

And lastly, a watercolor and ink sketch of Arches National Park. It's to be a gift for a family member of my wife, sometime next weekend.

Arches National Park - sketched for my wife's aunt and uncle.

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