Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A couple of rustic sketches and some self portraits.

Last week I sketched the two top images. One from a pic of the writing hut of Cornish Poet and the Vicar of Morwenstow, Robert Stephen Hawker. He was an Anglican priest that I found interesting when reading about Cornish history and culture some time back. I did another sketch of his hut about 7-8 years ago. The second sketch is from a black and white pic of an old White River/Ozarks Johnboat.

Old doors

Ozarks Johnboat

I'm working on drawing more portraits. I've never been happy with my portrait work and as a result, I've dodged the bullet pretty much since college. I'm making myself do them now, as of mid-December. What better way to get over your grievances with a form of art than by drawing yourself repeatedly? Before there were selfies, there were self portraits.

These are all about 15-20 minute sketches before work, after the wife and kiddo have left for school and work and before I have to dash madly off, myself. The top one done December 15, the second January 5 and the bottom one, today. I'm trying to chart a progression to see how far away from sucking at it I can get.

A Quick Self Portrait

15 minute self portrait before work this morning.

15 minute self portrait before work today. Not real happy with it. The mouth is pretty off. Only posting to chart a progression on these. Also, I took the beard and five years off Sunday evening.

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