Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Artwork Over the Holidaze: Hodgson Mill, Some Dead Stuff and My Wife in Vintage

Whenever I wasn't cooking or playing Santa to the whims of my wife and daughter this Christmas and the days leading up to and away, I tried to put a pen, pencil or paintbrush in my hands. Luckily, I managed to sketch quite a bit.

First up, a pencil sketch I did from a pic I took several years ago at Sleeping Bear Dunes Lifesaving Station. It's in Michigan, on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Sketching a pic I took at Sleeping Bear Point Life-Saving Station a few years ago.

This next one is sketched from a pic of Hodgson Mill on Bryant Creek that I took a couple of years ago on an overnight canoe trip. The mill is inactive, having moved production to a more modern facility, but I generally buy Hodgson Mill flour for all of the baking I do.

Hodgson Water Mill, about an hour and 45 minutes southeast of Springfield, off Bryant Creek.

These are sketched from dead stuff at Bass Pro Shops, here in Springfield. I meant to do a few more, but there were probably a couple thousand people in the building and no matter where I stood, I felt in the way, so I bailed on the idea. The best thing about sketching there is that the animals give you all the time you need to draw them. The bad thing, dealing with a lot of dumbasses just milling about at the camouflaged, furred and feathered spectacle.

Rainy day, sketching dead stuff at Bass Pro Shops.

Rainy day, sketching dead stuff at Bass Pro Shops.

And lastly, a watercolor of my lovely wife, sketched from a pic that I took over the summer. I'm working on my portraiture skills. I've dodge the portrait bullet for a long time, but I'm trying to work something of a happy medium out with my aversion.

My wife Abby in watercolor.

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