Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Backyard Art Shack's Progress

So begins The Art Shack

I started the Art Shack project about a year ago. It's been derailed a few times due to weather and a lack of discretionary funds (nearly every time I collect enough for materials, something stupid happens and I have to spend it elsewhere). Funded mostly through art sales, when I can, it's been a learning experience. I kinda see this as a test on building a larger cabin in the woods, someday. I'm picking up some carpentry and design skills I have never messed with until now and hope to get any stupid mistakes out of the way.

The Art Shack foundation went together this morning. So far, artwork has paid for the materials.

The Art Shack foundation is decked over

Shed frame is up.

And that's how it sat all winter. I tacked up some plywood on the roof and walls, right when things started to thaw. But a very rainy late winter and early spring killed further progress until this past weekend. I used the Memorial Day weekend, with its halfway decent weather, to finish out the roof. With trim boards in place, I tacked on the tar paper, drip edges and tar roofing tiles. Braving heat and clouds of thirsty vampiric mosquitos.

Shed/clubhouse progress

Roofing the Art Shack

Roofing the Art Shack

Next up, some slightly more fun stuff. Window placement, figuring out how I want to cover the outside (probably a mix of barn tin and decorative wooden battens in a slightly modern aesthetic), hanging the door, painting the interior, etc.

The roof did really well in the downpour we had later yesterday afternoon. It rained really hard for about 15-20 minutes. I ran out to the shed and sat in it for a bit while it rained, just to see if I goofed anywhere. No leaks to report. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

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