Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Skin-on-frame Canoe Gets an Outrigger Ama

Shaping a solid timber ama for the sailing canoe.

Just what the title says, I made an ama (secondary hull float thingy) and all the connective parts to sail my little skin-on-frame canoe to Stability Land. At eleven and half feet long and I forgot how wide, it's a right tippy little bastard under 45 square feet of canvas and needed the training wheels for comfortable sailing. Last summer, I hugged the shore much of the time, due to not really knowing when a good side gust would make me swim against my will. I only flipped it once, when paddling on my knees. It didn't take much, being very light and the floorboards being higher than I needed to have made them.

Fixing some sailing canoe stability issues.

The ama was shaped from a standard $4 8' 2x4. The struts from another $5 piece of 1x4x24. The akas/iakos/crossbars were reshaped masts from my first 8' Phil Bolger Elegant Punt sailing dinghy. The upgrades have cost me under $10 and a handful of lunch hours, so far.

Fixing some sailing canoe stability issues.

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