Friday, April 21, 2017

One Man's Trash...

I've been doing more home decor type artwork, lately. Not by any conscious choice, it's just where my mind has wandered in recent weeks and months. I'll get back to the regularly scheduled watercolors and ink drawings eventually, but for now, I'm quite content to make sawdust in ye ol' one-car garage.

After knocking out a series of art pieces for various local charity auctions and individuals affiliated (American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, MS Society and James River Basin Partnership), I've gotten back to making things more for fun and profit. Here are a few Missouri silhouettes that I recently made from shipping pallets. These are fun and no two come out the same.

More shipping pallet projects.

After you've made a new outrigger for your small skin-on-frame sailing canoe and you've cut up a half dozen shipping pallet states, you end up with quite a few offcuts in a five gallon bucket. I burned the first full bucket, but from the second, I pulled some scraps and glued up this mid century modern abstract piece. It came out nicely.

Abstract pallet wall decor art from offcuts and throwaways.

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