Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Slightly Modifying a Corncob Pipe

I bought a Missouri Meerschaum Washington 5th Avenue corncob pipe from Aristocob last week. It came in the mail yesterday. I usually buy the Rusticobs from Aristocob, because I like the weathered look of them. This time around, I bought a plain ol' standard cob pipe that MM knocks out everyday, with the sole purpose of modifying it a little myself.



I wanted a mixed look. Something with the bright light color cob bowl, but with a darker shank than it comes stock. I also didn't want to use an off-the-shelf stain for this, since many are quite toxic and smelly. Being ignorant of which one aren't that way, I just used a thick instant coffee paste and a lighter's flame to achieve this effect. I masked off the bowl and ferrule with artist tape before I sanded off the varnish and cob print on the shank and before I stained and scorched it. After:


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