Monday, February 22, 2016

Moleskine Sketching for February - 06

Plugging along in my self-imposed month-long exile to graphite pencil and Moleskine sketchbook land. This weekend was fairly productive. My wife planned a tea party for our daughter on Sunday, which gave me a "get out of Dodge, free" card. I spent the day driving and walking around parts of town, sketching. Cemeteries make great sketching spots. All of the people are quiet, whether dead or visiting, and no one messes with you. I can't say the same for downtown. That's a more edgy experience.

Friday night I managed to sketch one of my cast iron skillets. I really like the shading on this one.

Cast iron skillet

Saturday, sketched the redbud tree next door. It's been broken and tortured by several ice storms over the past ten years or so. I plan to revisit it again after it blooms, only in watercolor.

Sketching the gnarly redbud tree next door.

Sunday's sketches:

Cappuccino at The Coffee Ethic. I like sketching there due to the conflicting light sources and the overlapping shadows they cast.

Cappuccino at The Coffee Ethic

Maple Park Cemetery, off South and Grand. Sitting in the space between graves, sketching broken angels.

Sitting in the space between graves, sketching broken angels.

Another statue stone at Maple Park Cemetery.

Back to Maple Park Cemetery before calling it a day.

The "Old Calaboose" jailhouse, downtown.

The historic "Old Calaboose" jailhouse, downtown.

Today, on my lunch hour, I revisited Hazelwood Cemetery and shaded in the sketch from last week.

Revisited Hazelwood Cemetery at lunch today and had the chance to shade in last week's headstone sketch.

Not a too bad of haul for the weekend and days bookending it.

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