Monday, February 8, 2016

Moleskine Sketching for February - 03

I managed to knock out a few sketches over the weekend. We also participated in the Family Day events at Springfield Art Museum. My seven-year-old daughter got to try her hand at making Pop Art and drawing a Still Life with me.





Probat Coffee Roaster at Coffee Ethic

Probat roaster at Coffee Ethic

A lamp on Springfield town square.

Street lamp on the town square.

Old caretaker's cottage at Maple Park Cemetery. Got pretty chilly on this one. With temps in the low to mid 40s and a steady breeze, I couldn't feel my fingers.

Cold and sketching in Maple Park Cemetery.

Small wooden artist model.

Wooden artist model

Here are our two family still life illustrations, done from the "draw your own still life" setup at Springfield Art Museum. We left them in their sketchbooks. Mine might be a little more technical in execution, but my daughter's is better, overall. She really put a lot of thought into it. I was proud of her effort.

My 7-yr-old daughter's version of the still life. :)

One more of this still life.

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