Thursday, April 16, 2015

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag

After I finished the waxed canvas pipe roll, I mentioned to my wife that I might make a hand-sewn canvas lunch bag that I'd seen several examples of online. When I showed her pics of them, she said she wanted one. I asked her if she wanted a more feminine color and she went with the same olive colored canvas I've been using. Luckily I had a scrap piece that was just the right size for the project.

This was a quick one. I knocked it out after making breakfast for dinner and cleaning the kitchen up last night after work.

Hand-sewn waxed canvas lunch bag.

Hand-sewn waxed canvas lunch bag.


callsign222 said...

So it looks like the fabric is waxed post fabrication-- is that correct? How do you go about this?

Trevor said...

You can use a number of wax options, the better ones having bee's wax mixed in. I went for oldschool simplicity and used plain ol' canning paraffin from the grocery store. A box runs about $4.

I melted a block of wax in a coffee can set in a pot of lightly boiling water. When it was melted, I painted it on the canvas until it became an opaque waxen mess all over. When it's completely covered, you take a heat gun and melt all of the wax covering the project. As it becomes liquid again, it's absorbed into the fabric. Then you let it cool. I covered a cookie sheet in parchment as a work surface to paint on the wax and then used shop rags under it when I heat gunned it.

You can also tie your project up inside of an old pillowcase and roll it in a hot clothes dryer to melt in the wax.