Monday, April 20, 2015

Leather Watch Band

Friday evening, my wife and kiddo went to bed pretty early. It'd been a busy week of charity event planning (we walked and volunteered the MS Walk on Saturday), school and work. Left to my own devices and not feeling in a TV sort of mood, I opted to make something. I had seen several interesting watch bands made by different people online and figured I could pull it off myself, rather than pay up to $125 for one. It's a $25 Timex Weekender watch, so that kind of thing is a little overkill.

Armed with my Leatherman multitool, a razor blade, exactoknife, Sharpie pen, leather scraps, waxed thread, needle and an old wooden and metal-edged ruler, I knocked this out in about two hours.

Made a leather watch band for one of my Timex Weekenders last night.

Another of the leather watch band I made.

An old canvas band gave it's life for the hardware. It was looking pretty funky, anyway. The new one is much better!

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