Monday, October 28, 2013

Genuine Norlund Splitting Axe

As the weather cools, I'm trying to make the mental and physical transition to doing cool weather things. I've shelved the sailboat, but might get the kayak or canoe out a time or two before it becomes too dangerous to do so. I'm also thinking about hiking, backpacking and camping trips and preparations. After the first frost till mid spring, is my favorite time to go. Bugs start to go dormant and you can layer up to whatever weather the day should kick your way. Leaves begin to fall off the trees, opening up your view, even if it's a bit grey, brown and not very photogenic. The trails go relatively empty and all of the RV campers are pretty much done making noise in the campgrounds for a while. The only real worry is deer season, but that can be worked around with some planning and safety orange (theoretically).

Also, I'm kicking around winter projects. I've pretty much got all the boats I really need, but I may still do something I can drop in the water in the spring. Whether it's finishing the skin-on-frame canoe I started a while back, finishing out the 17' Grumman canoe for rowing or starting a stand up paddle board fishing platform. Not sure exactly the route to go just yet. I have gotten a little further on a hickory walking/hiking stick based on old scout staffs. It should have measurements up the shaft to gauge water depth easily. I've also been thinking of ways to lighten my gear load on the trail, see the post about the wooden backpack frame.

Saturday, I picked up a Genuine Norlund splitting axe for $10 at a local flea market. It'll be my first attempt at bringing one of these back to useable condition. The axe is wedge shaped and has a head that's 8.5" from bit to pole with a 5" cutting edge. I haven't weighed it yet, but it's pretty darn heavy. The handle is 31.5" long and I'm currently attempting to drill out the wooden wedge and pry out the metal cross wedge without damaging the handle itself too much. It's not the nicest handle, really. I doubt it's the original. So If I have to buy a new one, it's no big deal. I'll have to sand off the varnish, if I do keep it. I'd rather have an oiled finish. Less chance of blisters, that way. I'll probably also flatten the knob of the handle slightly. I'll post more, as I go.

Genuine Norlund splitting axe


Anonymous said...

"I've pretty much got all the boats I really need"

Need is such a strange word sometimes. I can tell myself I don't need my boats- that they don't do anything practical, but I think I do need them as an antidote to city life...


Trevor said...

Boats ARE needed! If sanity is practical, then they are very needed things. :)