Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Beard Bites the Dust

Beards, in spite of their itchiness and mild hygienic issues, can be pretty fun at times. My four-year-old daughter, a huge fan of beards, hasn't let me shave much over the past eight months. Whenever I do, I have to bribe her. Last night was pizza, ice cream and a shiny quarter for her piggy bank. I'm a sucker, but the first time I shaved the beard off without warning her, she didn't talk to me for several days.

Rather than just shave it off, it's more fun to see what other beard styles would look like, had I the nerve to actually wear them around town. Here's a rundown of the past two shearings.

May, 2012 I hadn't seen me in a few months.

Counter Clockwise: The full beard, the goatee, the musketeer, the what Trevor would look like had he been born in a former Soviet Block country and just me.

September, 2012 more fun with beard trimming

Left to right: The full beard, the Amish/Quaker chin curtain thingy, the Wolverine sideburns and just me.

I was trying to hold off till after Halloween, but I hadn't seen me in a while and my wife was tired of kissing a push broom. Gotta have priorities, dude.

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