Monday, May 28, 2012

The Outrigger's 2nd Real Sail

I took my outrigger out for another sail on Saturday morning. The winds were a little higher than last weekend, blowing 10-15MPH. But it was gusty and broken at times, changing direction by as mush as 35-40 degrees.

Saturday's sail. Didn't go far, but got the boat up to 7.22mph by my iPhone GPS..

By my iPhone GPS, I got the boat up to 7.22 which was pretty nice. This coming Saturday, weather permitting, I'll see how the boat handles with a crew. I'm hoping to take my wife up to Stockton Lake for the day. She's only been paddling around the James River and Springfield Lake with me, never sailing. I imagine it will do just fine, but Stockton is a much larger lake than Fellows Lake, where I normally sail. I've sailed Stockton three times, two times on rental Catalinas and once in my old eight foot sailing dinghy. There's a lot more chop and wind on that lake, as well as sail traffic.

ipad sketch

Outrigger iPad Sketch

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