Monday, October 3, 2011

2nd time out

Sunday's paddle route on Springfield Lake
Since I probably won't see a day as pretty as yesterday until April or May, next year, I had to get the outrigger out for another paddle on Lake Springfield. I started at the same access as the last time, close to Highway 65, but went considerably further, since I had an entire afternoon to kill. I paddled around 4-4 1/2 miles, total. I can feel it today. But, that's not due to the canoe's capabilities, but more to my fairly sedentary family man lifestyle.

Paddling the outrigger on Springfield Lake, Sunday 10-3-2011

Paddling the outrigger on Springfield Lake, Sunday 10-3-2011
City Utilities power plant. The reason the lake exists. The James River is dammed (or damned) here to provide water for coolant. I didn't see any three-eyed fish, but I saw a woodpecker, a couple of herons and plenty of Canada geese. Lots of kayakers and canoeists on the water, as well. I talked to several about my boat and theirs.

Never did pick up the fishing pole. I was too busy messing with the boat to bother. This thing is so stable, it's like paddling a dock down the river.


Gary Ellis said...

Very cool.

Trevor said...

Gary, I can't wait to get the sail on it in spring. Gonna be a blast!

Shawn said...

Congratulations Trevor- looking very nice!

Trevor said...

Thanks, Shawn!