Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Next Project

The next project

I know, the outrigger isn't done, yet. What the hell am I thinking about the next project for?

Anyway, my friend Brian and I are planning to build a couple of skin-on-frame kayaks this fall and winter. A couple of Dave Gentry's Chuckanut 12s (

I'm planning on doing most of the research first, myself. I picked the design we're doing and now I've got to read about putting these together so everything goes smoothly. So far, I've sketched all the station frames out in 1"=1' scale and I've cut them out and laid them on a 4x8 area to see how they'd nest on the plywood.

Really looking forward to this. I'd love to have a boat that takes five minutes to throw it on the car roof in the morning before work, to hit up a local lake or stream when the five o'clock bell tolls.

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