Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to the Outrigger

main hull is glassed and the alternate ama/float is started

After nearly a couple months of no work on the outrigger, I have begun again. I was holding off to glass things in epoxy and fiberglass cloth, but every time I had the money to order the materials, some emergency would come up and I'd have to spend it on that instead (backed up house plumbing, veterinary visits for a 13yr yellow lab, etc.)

I said, "Screw it!" and covered the main hull sections with polyester and glass cloth over the weekend. It may not last as long as epoxy, but whatever. At least I might get the damn thing in the water this summer. I've also started an alternate ama construction. I plan to laminate and shape four 2x6s to fit the bill. Hollowing out the center two planks before putting them together. It doesn't have to be permanent, not too worried about rot. Especially since I hope to finish off the foam ama at a later date, replacing the solid wooden one.

The ama should be comparable to THIS, when completed.

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