Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday Lake Day

Loaded to head to Table Rock Lake this morning.

Sunday I loaded up the little pram dinghy and the whole family went to the lake for the day. We met a coworker of my wife's down at Table Rock Lake. He has a good size cruiser boat in the Port of Kimberling area and we tooled around in it for a few hours. Baking in the sun.

It was my two-year-old daughter's first boat ride. I haven't been comfortable enough with my tiny boat's capabilities to take her out just yet, even though she's had a lot of interest. The 30+ foot cruiser was much better for her first outing. She had a lot of fun and only cried when I capsized my little sailboat in the heavy winds and when she took a tumble into the open cruiser cabin door. It scared us more than her and she was back to singing and laughing while "steering" the big boat, in no time.

The lake level was really high. We've had a lot of wet weather this Spring. I rowed out to the dock through trees that are normally quite far from the water's edge.

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