Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Itching to get out on the water...

Too cold and gusty to sail today, I opted to row around Springfield Lake for an hour and a half.I went for a short row in the Bolger Elegant Punt this past Sunday. The water being in the low sixties (F) and the air in the mid fifties with 15-20 mph winds, it was too cold and gusty to sail. So, I opted to just give my arms a bit of exercise.

I rowed from the James River/Springfield Lake access close to Highway 65, down past the Springfield Nature Center and around the boathouse area and then back up to the starting point. There are several cool A-frame homes along this stretch, tucked in along the bluff line. I also saw plenty of wildlife - blue herons, yellow finches, red-winged black birds, martins, Canada geese, etc.

Rowing two miles in the pram was fun, but a lot of work. It's a pig on the water and rows about like the turtle it resembles, upside down. The wind switched directions around the time I turned back and I had to row against the wind, both directions. Makes me wish for a simple, yet sleek, rowing design. Maybe another boat for the list of future builds.


Dan Akin said...

You're going to need a bigger garage.

Trevor said...

Heh! Not if you build right. The one I'm working on now, breaks down in the middle and then can be stood on the transom ends under an 8' garage ceiling. And the first one fits in about the same area, when stood on the transom. I have it in my head to build a ply conversion of a 14' Ozarks Johnboat where it would break down in the middle, as well. Maybe making one side a little shorter than the other, so it nests when taken apart. Maybe using it for oldschool river running.