Friday, February 8, 2019

Eight Months of Banjo

Next week, I'll be coming up on about eight months of banjo playing. In that eight months, I've learned simple songs in five separate instrument tunings - Standard G (gDGBD), G Modal, which is also called Sawmill Tuning or Mountain Minor (gDGCD), Double C (gCGCD), Cumberland Gap Tuning (fDGCD) and now, C Minor (gCGCD#). My favorites being G Modal and C Minor. I like the dark and moody tone of them.

I mostly got into playing the banjo in order to just plink out something around a fire on camp trips, but the more I mess with it, the more I'm loving it and I want to take it more seriously. I started actual lessons two Saturdays ago and I hope to be able to maybe play out places in a couple of years or maybe hook up with a guitarist or some other type of musician to play in a more band-like setting. It really is a fun instrument to learn and unlike when I attempted to learn the guitar in my early 30s, this time I'm seeing some real progress.

A bit more practice, a handful of days later.


Bruce Bateau said...

Trevor- Sounds like you're doing pretty well for 8 months in. I've been occasionally playing the banjo for many years and sort of plateaued out some time ago. I just don't have the ear- hopefully you do. Nevertheless, there's a hypnotic pleasantness to it that I still enjoy after all this time. Keep on hammering!

Trevor said...

Thanks, Bruce! I'm having a lot of fun with it. I picked up a new banjo earlier this week, but have been too busy with a kitchen remodel to do much with it. There will be a post.