Thursday, September 6, 2018

Some Banjo Progress

With just shy of three months of banjo playing under my belt, I'm finally starting to learn a good handful of simple tunes. I'm loving it. Such a fun instrument to learn. It's really all I've done lately, beyond being a dad and husband and general home/life stuff. I'm itching for the weather to cool soon and the chance to park my ass around the backyard fire pit or campfire and plink out some tunes.

The 1970s Harmony Banjo and part of "Red Rocking Chair" in sawmill tuning. Sawmill tuning is similar to standard G tuning, but you crank your second string, normally a B string, up to a C. It makes it more somber and what-not.

The fretless homebuilt cigar box banjo and part of "East Virginia" in sawmill tuning.

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