Monday, February 12, 2018

A few random sketches.

Honestly, I haven't drawn or painted much, lately. Just too busy and I've also been fiddling with music more in my free time, such as it is. I completely suck at playing music, but building instruments and seeing how they sound is pretty damn fun. Kinda like all the other stuff I cobble together in my tiny one-car garage.

Sketching at Ritter Springs Park


A quick watercolor self portrait. Trying to make myself do more artwork. Kinda lost my momentum in fall.

I may make a push in March to do a shitload of pencil sketching. Much like I did a couple of Februarys ago. I think I knocked out 54 sketches in 28 days that month. Lots of fun and I improved greatly over the course of the exercise. Depends on if I start the full-size banjo build I want to attempt. So, no breath holding.

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