Monday, September 18, 2017

An Update on the Laura Ingalls Wilder Painting

My Laura Ingalls Wilder home painting fetched an astounding $450 at auction Friday night.

My wife, daughter and I, and a few coworkers, attended the 150th Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum birthday event on Friday evening, in Mansfield, Missouri. Our advertising agency produced much of the promotional materials for the event, including a painting that I made of the family farmhouse on the grounds. The painting fetched an astounding $450 at auction. Which is the most money any of my work has ever gone for and goes to help in the preservation of the historic literary site of the museum.

This pyrography and acrylic rainbow trout is next on the auction block, for Dynamic Strides Therapy's fundraiser in mid-October.

This pyrography and acrylic rainbow trout is going to a charity auction next month.


Anonymous said...

Trevor- Good for you, making your art do something so positive in the world. I always take inspiration from watching your drawings and loved the time lapse. Thanks for sharing that. The process is interesting to see.


Trevor said...

Thanks Bruce! I've done about a half dozen charitable art pieces this year - one for James River Basin Partnership, one for Habitat for Humanity, another for an acquaintance with Multiple Sclerosis , once for the local chapter of The American Cancer Society and the two above. Too poor to donate much money and I'm crap for public service and volunteering, but this I can do!