Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Recent Artwork

Just a brag post on some recent artwork that I've knocked out.

First up, a sad and lifeless chickadee that my dog took down a little over a month ago. I love my little beagle/boarder collie mix, but she's an asshole to any small creature that finds its way into our backyard. She's killed squirrels, moles, rabbits, mice and now a songbird.

A chickadee that my dog downed about a month ago.

A watercolor of a Fiestaware coffee mug in good lighting.

Coffee mug

Scrap wood fox silhouette.

Fox silhouette A shipping pallet Moby D.

White whale wall decor

Baking apples from a neighbor's trees.

When neighbors give you baking apples...

With an hour to kill last Saturday, I peddled over to the nearest cemetery and sketched one of the cooler headstones. I'd sketched her before, only in graphite pencil, about a year and a half ago.

Had an hour to kill, plein air sketching in Hazelwood Cemetery

Revisited Hazelwood Cemetery at lunch today and had the chance to shade in last week's headstone sketch.

I'm only one donut away from a dozen. It's taken me months to paint the series. Hoping to knock out the last one by the end of the week.

3 more till I have a dozen donuts in watercolor.

Donut 10: Birthday Cake

Donut 11: Old Fashioned

And that's about it. Little rhyme or reason to the subject material, but that's how my art rolls. It's all ADD like me.


Anonymous said...

Donuts great to eat. Apples better to paint. Love the depth, the color, the pattern. Also enjoyed seeing all the lashings on your sailing rig. Glad to see you're being creative and getting out to enjoy the summer.


Trevor said...

Thank you, Bruce!