Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Old School Slingshot Project

Slingshot project

Today, I finished up a quick little slingshot project that I started Saturday morning from storm debris. A heavy straight-line wind storm system hit on Friday and there were downed trees, branches and other random things all over town.

Slingshot project

I started by stripping the bark off with my Morakniv. Then, I cut the notches on the arms and nuked the Y in a series of 30 second bursts in the microwave to dry the wood out. After, I sanded the piece down with a couple of different grained sandpapers.

I masked off the parts that I wanted to paint with masking tape and painted some watered down acrylic onto the handle. After it dried, I hit it with some spray acrylic clear coat.

Slingshot project

Once everything was dry, I bought a tapered slingshot band and lashed it on with waxed thread that is similar to artificial sinew. And BOOM! A slingshot is born.

A slingshot is born.

It's a lot of fun. I shot at a box for a bit around lunch hour. It's a little too heavy of a pull for my daughter, so I'll likely make a second one for her with easier to pull flat bands.

As a side, I did a bit of whittling on some downed walnut branches last night and made this little stir-fry spatula. It was a test for bigger projects. I now know that I can make a passable. utensil with just my knife and some sand paper.

Some walnut limbs came down in a storm Friday.

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