Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Artemis / Diana Statue Sketch at Nathanael Greene Park

Initial pencil sketch of this Artemis statue at Nathanael Greene Park. I ran out of time.

Sunday, I had some free time and drove around looking for things to sketch. After killing some gas outside of town, I fell back on sketching at one of the nicest, if not THEE nicest, park(s) in town, Nathanael Greene Park. I managed to get a large part of the initial pencil sketch done before having to run home for dinner. I finished up the illustration this morning before work.

I finished up the Artemis statue sketch I started Sunday at Nathanael Greene Park.

I also did this quick miniature bell pepper watercolor sketch on Saturday. I had just picked them up at the farmer's market half an hour before.

Sketching miniature bell peppers from Mockingbird Gardens at the farmers market.

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