Monday, March 21, 2016

Artwork in March - 02

Over the past week, I've taken to using a white paint pen on my toned paper ink works. It's similar to some color pencil artwork I've done in the past, only I can sketch much quicker and it gives a more expressive look to a piece.

First up, my 17' Grumman canoe leaning against the fence in my backyard. Bringing this blog back to boats just for a second.

The old 17' Grumman canoe in my backyard.

This was sketched from a dark pic of an old dock worker smoking a cigarette. I found the image years ago, but finally got around to making him a sketch.

sit'n, smoke'n

Yesterday, I drove out to Red Oak II, close to Carthage, Missouri and froze my butt off sketching in 40-42 degree weather and 10-15 MPH winds. It gets tough to hold a brush pen in that. This first one is of the Elmire Schoolhouse.

Elmira Schoolhouse, Red Oak II, Missouri

The boathouse and johnboat at Red Oak II

Boathouse, Red Oak II, Missouri

And lastly, an early eighth century T'ang Dynasty lion, sketched from a pic I took at Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, last year.

8th century T'ang Dynasty lion, sketched from a pic I took last year at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Missouri

I really like working on toned paper. It's fun assessing the darks and lights and only putting them to the page.

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