Friday, October 23, 2015

A couple of Ozarkian sketches. 2.0

With my daughter in theatre classes a couple of nights a week, running up to her play on Halloween, I've had more time to just hang out and sketch. We drop her off at 7pm, then pic her up again at 9pm, so what better to do than walk to a nearby coffee shop and sketch?

Red Lantern. Got my perspective a little long, here, but I like the shading.

Red Lantern

The second is from a pic I took some time back while hiking the Buffalo River Trail in Arkansas, from Boxley to Ponca. There was a spot where the trail converged with a small country lane. Luckily it was marked not to go that way.

A leaf covered country lane along the Buffalo River Trail, Arkansas, Boxley to Ponca.

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