Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Balsa Fleet

I've given a few models to my kid to play with and a few have had a Viking funeral in the backyard fire pit, but here is the balsa model fleet at this date.

The current balsa fleet. Some boats have been given to my kid as toys, others a Viking funeral in the backyard fire pit.

In sort of book read order: P3 Proa (tiny, 3 meter proa), Gary Dierking Wa'apa Proa 16, Welsh Coracle, Greenland Kayak, Cajun Pirogue, Glen Simmons Glades Skiff, Jim Michalak Jonsboat and an Ozarks Johnboat built from a description on the Greene County Library website, a backup issue of Bittersweet Magazine.


Anonymous said...

They're all great. Love the details on the kayak, but it's the coracle that warms my heart. Keep it up!

Trevor said...

Thank you, sir! It's fun to build small versions of things. It satisfies the curiosity of seeing how something goes together, but doesn't break the bank in doing so.

I plan to build both the Greenland kayak and Welsh coracle in full scale some day. :)