Monday, June 30, 2014

More Cycling Progress

Saturday, we upped our game a bit. Riding 31.71 miles at a "Show and Go" ride. We rode from Willard Middle School in Willard, Missouri to Walnut Grove, down through Phenix ghost town to Ash Grove and then back to Willard. It pretty much kicked our butts. I was the only one that showed with a map of the route, so I led for 75% of the ride. Me, the only guy in the group riding a mountain bike with road slicks. We had a lot of fun, though. The low-traffic farm roads the route followed were awesome to spend the morning riding on.

31.71 miles on Saturday, Willard, Missouri to Walnut Grove to Ash Grove and back to Willard.


Wednesday evening, we also rode 18.45 miles on the South Creek and Wilson's Creek Greenways. Counting the morning coffee ride of my previous post, Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, I totaled 59.16 bike miles for the week. My weekly numbers have almost tripled since starting this two months ago. I've also toned up a bunch. I took a pic of myself without a shirt on April 17 and another last week and compared them side by side, which I'll spare you the posting of, just trust me, I look a crap-ton healthier than I did. I haven't lost much weight, but I've certainly moved it around and made it more solid.

18.45 miles on Wednesday, South Creek Greenway and Wilon's Creek Greenway

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