Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope happy adventures find you in the New Year, be they large or small.

Make sure to stop and smell the roses, daffodils, tulips, daisies and even dandelions (or you can eat dandelions, I have, it's a little weird, there's a post about it somewhere), splash in puddles, marvel at a bug crossing the sidewalk, show your kids or grand kids something cool about the world they live in, sail or paddle a boat, walk some trails, sleep under the stars, stare at a campfire (Caveman TV), try weird food you can't pronounce, learn some foreign words and find meaning, fish for something, anything, take some photos, tell others about what you've found, make new friends, open the door for people, listen to those that have been on this Earth longer than you have, just be happy with the little things, turn your TV off, go outside and do your best to foster joy and wonder in those you encounter throughout your day.

And with that, a few things experienced over the last week or so, in the spirit of my rambling sentence above:

I made a pirate flag.

Hand-sewn pirate flag

Roasted some coffee.

Roasting coffee in the driveway on a Coleman grill/stove.

Got some new kit/gear.

Timex Weekender Watch


Custom tees

Custom tee shirt design my wife commissioned for Christmas

Took another walk in the woods at Valley Water Mill Park.

Valley Water Mill Park

Valley Water Mill Park - Sander Spring

Valley Water Mill Park

Valley Water Mill Park

Ate some great local food.

Checking out London Calling, the new Cornish pasty truck in town.

Casper's Chili

Went fishing with a new pole, a Japanese tenkara fly rod.

Fishing with my new tenkara rod. I didn't catch anything, but had a nice couple of hours outside.

The small fly box I made from an Altoids tin.

Sewed and made a tripod camp stool.

Tripod Camp Stool

Started reading this, it's nearly finished.

The Travel Journals of Tappan Adney

And some other random stuff.

Maggie, my beagle/border collie mix. One of the sweetest dogs I've been around.

Ponies on our freinds' property, north of town a bit.

Ponies on our freinds' property, north of town a bit.


callsign222 said...

A: Dandelions are fantastic, great in salads, early spring greens. You can also do tea and apparently wine with dandelions. AND they look pretty and make anyone's lawn sparkle with bright yellow after a long winter, and they attract all sorts of pollinators. Dandelions are important. I am devoted to ending the War On Dandelions in America. Please join.

B: I love that T-Shirt. Much like that faux-beer shirt from SCA, which is perpetually sold out, with the SP21 silhouette.

C: Happy New Year!

Trevor said...

The bees love the dandelions and clover in our yard in the spring. As well as the rabbits.

My wife had the tee shirt designed for me for Christmas. A coworker of ours, her husband, designed them. Sea Pearl for the boat I now sail, Port of Whatever for my blog and the image is from a cannon found off of St. Augustine, Florida, where I wish I was living.

Happy New Year to you!