Wednesday, December 4, 2013

piddling: pathetically trivial; trifling.

Until a couple of items and books arrive in the mail, I am somewhat aimless in my hobby free time (which drives me nuts). Last night, without any major obsessive interest to bury my head and hands in, I took to general piddling around the garage. These are what I came up with. Nothing too outstanding, but much better than parking my rear in front of the TV all night.

An iPad tablet stand. Version 2.0 will pass through more like a Viking chair instead of leveraging from the bottom. Google 'em. They're pretty cool.

iPad tablet stand

And a wooden antler sculpture made from the (s)crap wood pile. No detail work, just a mashing together of stuff I nearly stuck in the burn pile.

wooden antlers

My office wall is slowly becoming more interesting.>

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