Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Couple of Short Sails on Labor Day Weekend

I managed to get out on the boat Saturday and Monday. Saturday's trip was solo and on Fellows Lake, just north of town and Monday's was with the family on Table Rock Lake, about an hour south, in the Branson area.

Fellows Lake was hot. Saturday topped out around 97 degrees, but felt more like 105. I explored a few smaller coves that I'd not been able to reach on previous trips on the outrigger canoe and sailing dinghy. In spite of the heat, it was fun. I nearly had the small lake to myself. Just me, the herons and a handful of fisherman. Cows and donkeys could be heard from the surrounding hills.





Table Rock Lake and Monday, were a little cooler. Temps in the mid 80s all day. We sailed out of Indian Point Marina, took a right and up the lake to meet some friends of ours in a winding little cove they were anchored in for the day. Our friends Jon and Michelle and their son Oliver are often very busy with work. Between their shop (Elle's Patisserie) and the farmers' market, they hardly have much free time, so we jumped at the chance to hang with them for a couple of hours.






I've been pretty lucky to get out a bunch, lately. The Sea Pearl has opened up a lot of family and solo fun for me in the past couple of months. I'm certainly getting my money's worth from it.

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