Saturday, August 3, 2013

First sail on the Sea Pearl 21

Photo Aug 03, 12 21 15 PM_s

I took the Sea Pearl 21 out solo today. I wanted to get any kinks or bugs worked out before taking my family out soon. The weather threatened to kill my plans. Last night was a stormy one. Very electrical and I opted not to camp out before sailing. This morning looked like more of the same, but I drove the hour up to Stockton Lake, anyway. I ended up putting the boat on the water about 11:30 am.

Photo Aug 03, 12 52 44 PM_s

Photo Aug 03, 12 59 05 PM_s

Photo Aug 03, 12 52 47 PM_s

After a few small showers, the clouds parted and it got pretty nice. More boats joined me and the wind picked up. It did change direction, often and I spent much of the day going upwind. No matter which direction I picked to sail.

Photo Aug 03, 3 33 13 PM_s

Photo Aug 03, 2 58 40 PM_s

Photo Aug 03, 2 58 35 PM_s

Photo Aug 03, 3 32 55 PM_s

I really like the way this boat sails. Having no ballast tanks, since it's an early model SP21, I put three 50lb bags of gravel wrapped in pillow cases on the front cockpit floor. It gave it just enough stability that I could walk around onboard and not lean the boat heavily. That's about half the weight in water ballast that newer boats have. At one point, during a light, but steady breeze, I left the tiller and both sheets in jam cleats and just stood on the middle deck and let her sail herself. A very cool experience.

Photo Aug 03, 3 11 25 PM

Photo Aug 03, 3 10 44 PM_s

I got off the water about 5:30 pm. Having had a pleasant day on the water. I'm glad the weather shifted for the better.

Photo Aug 03, 3 33 30 PM_s

Photo Aug 03, 4 35 47 PM_s

Photo Aug 03, 5 02 37 PM_s


Bruce B said...

Congrats. The boat looks great. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.


Trevor said...

Thanks, Bruce! I even got to bust out the oars at the end of the day. I rounded up into the wind to kill the sails and after furling them, rowed the boat slowly backwards and downwind to the dock. I completely furled the main, but kept the mizzen slightly unfurled and tightened to weather vane the nose into the wind as I fell towards the take out.

I also got to try sailing wing on wing downwind, which was interesting. I was more comfortable just sailing slightly off angle and faster, tacking downwind instead. The winds weren't strong enough to worry about a hard jibe.

callsign222 said...

Looking good, Trevor. I've been sailing the pants off of my new SP up in Maine, and she just trucks. I put 25 miles on her recently, and I left the ramp at 11am and made the campsite before sundown. And I stopped for a bit to wait for a squall to pass through.

I also have an '86 but with the retro-fit ballast tanks, but I have yet to use them at all, I figure they add some weight themselves and then once I throw in the potable water jugs, anchors, gear, etc. it probably comes close.

My wife, who is not super-comfy with sailing yet, really has enjoyed her time on it, I rig a beach chair in the center cockpit on the bilge boards and away we go into the estuaries, floating over the mud flats and flushing ducks from the reeds all whilst eating picnic. Good times.

Don't fall overboard!

Keep an eye on my blog. Updated sporadically.

Trevor said...


I tried commenting on your blog, but nothing seemed to post. After the third try, I gave up. Anyway, love that red hull on yours. Very nice!