Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Viking Send Off

Giving the ole Elegant Punt a Viking send off.

Yesterday, after a long time contemplating its demise or gifting away, I decided to put the old Bolger Elegant Punt out of her misery. She had been languishing in the garage, against the wall, for a couple of years. I had tried several times to give her away to friends and acquaintances, but no one wanted to commit the time to learn how to handle a small sailboat safely before I could let go in good conscience. Rather than face the liability of their drowning deaths, I opted to give her a Viking funeral.

As a note: a dry plywood boat, once cut into small pieces, will flash fire like a big pile of dead leaves. I only put in one chunk at a time, but it burned hot and fast. It'd have been pretty glorious to have torched it whole, but that might have been against city codes and my general sense of self preservation.

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